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List on common problems with user accounts

1. LoadLeveler Problems

1.1 LoadLeveler does not work.
Check your settings, especially $HOME/.cshrc or $HOME/.profile which is used by all LoadLeveler shell scripts. If this file contains errors, you may not be able to execute any LL command. Go and get working environment and resource files from other members of your group. If the user has screwed up his shell startup file, he might want to start from scratch.

1.2 My job is sitting in the queue, waiting forever.
Most likely, there is an error in your LL command script file. Look for typos in your Class == ... , and Requirements == ... stanzas.

1.3 My SGI job was picked up, but I get no output.
Check if your $HOME/.rhosts file contains euch3f,helix,ec-bio1 and ec-bio2 as described in The Queue System. Another common source for this kind of problem is a user account on another machine than these 4 is specified as LL mail recipient.

1.4 My job was picked up but immediately stopped without producing any output.
1. If your job was running on an SP2 node, check if the message returned by LL contains exit status 111. In this case, a program include script for the SP3 was used.

2. If your job was running on an SP3 node, check if the message returned by LL contains exit status 1. In this case, the llprolog script failed. Please notify a system administrator.

2. General Problems

2.1 I have changed my password, but it was changed back again.
In order to change your password permanently, you need to login to euch6h and change it using menu option 1.

2.2 How do I change my default login shell?
Login to euch6h and change your shell by picking a choice from menu option 3. PLEASE BE CAREFUL IN TYPING, as you cannot access your account if you mistype the shell name.

2.3 When I try to use ÔelmÕ, it says: Òksh: elm: not foundÓ
Make sure that the /usr/local/bin directory is in your $PATH environment variable. This can be achieved by adding the directory in your .profile (ksh users) or .cshrc (csh users).

2.4 When I try to send mail from euch4e using POP services, I am told that mail relaying is not permitted.
You most likely have not a registered Emory DNS entry for your desktop system. Notify a system administrator ( or who can add your desktop computer locally.

2.5 Starting Eudora/Netscape takes forever.
Check the size of $HOME/mbox in your home directory. Most likely it is huge.

2.6 I try to print a postscript file, but the ps queue is down.
Notify a system administrator ( or who are the only persons to start the ps queue.

2.7 ftp to euch4e does not work. Why?
Make sure your login shell on euch4e is not /usr/local/bin/tcsh. This shell is incompatible with ftp.

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